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  The  African Echo Newspaper , Out Every Other Friday....
Apathied in Kano.....
Women in Kano State have been banned from riding in the same buses as men and from riding behind men on motorcycles as the state government extends its application of Islamic Shariah law. The separation of the sexes in this state in northern Nigeria will be enforced by a 9,000-strong religious police force with the power to fine people who ignore the new rules. More

The wealth of the west was built on Africa's exploitation
Britain was the principal slaving nation of the modern world. In The Empire Pays Back, a documentary broadcast by Channel 4 on Monday, Robert Beckford called on the British to take stock of this past. Why, he asked, had Britain made no apology for African slavery, as it had done for the Irish potato famine? Why was there no substantial public monument of national contrition equivalent to Berlin's Holocaust Museum? Why, most crucially, was there no recognition of how wealth extracted from Africa and Africans made possible the vigour and prosperity of modern Britain? Was there not a case for Britain to pay reparations to the descendants of African slaves?  More

Zero  tolerance for corruption in Nigeria
Nigeria's anti-fraud agency will investigate President Olusegun Obasanjo for several cases of alleged corruption following accusations by a state governor. Obasanjo ordered the probe of himself and other top officials after Orji Kalu, governor of southeastern Abia state, accused them of receiving bribes for oil contracts and privatisations, and operating illegal foreign bank accounts. More

Col Gaddafi invites Bush to Libya 
Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has invited US President George W Bush to visit Libya, a top US senator says. Senator Richard Lugar was in Libya as the US and Tripoli begin to rebuild ties after decades of hostility. The US began to ease sanctions on Libya last year after Col Gaddafi abandoned a nuclear weapons programme and paid compensation for the Lockerbie bombing. More

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