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Today ?  (Final Part)
with Yaw Jeckey

At the moment I can only beg you, because it seems to me that the freedom train has blinded you to commons sense, in that you have replaced freedom with folly, though the two are far from being the same, for freedom is the opportunity to do the right thing and yet we cannot seem to see the thin line separating freedom from folly.

Listen! … 'And bureaucratic efficiency is not going to protect children in our amoral, fractured society. For the real child abuse problem in mod ern Britain is not Whitehall but in the sex-fixated retortedly hedonistic public culture, where modesty is now viewed as abnormal…” says Leo McKinsty in his article “hale hypocrisy and hysteria” in the 21 January report of the weekly magazine. And I hope you realize now, that it is a world wide problem which is rising beyond control in Britain and that if we are not careful to stem it in time as a society, this is going to get out of hand.

Considering our level of poverty as a developing country and all the diseases that face as at the present, I do not think that we want to add folly to our poverty, for that will be sad indeed. And so I beg my fellow human beings, the designers, if you are able to design lingerie for people to buy, surely you can design some decent clothes for outings! Let us not make money the bottom line in our endeavours, let us make love the bottom line and in so doing I believe we can have something better to do, other than buy dog food, with our money when we make it.

By writing to you my humble opinion, my dear friend, you realize now that I put you in a position of responsibility. I have not been talking to anybody but you, and so it is now your responsibility to do the right thing. I must tell you straight up that it is not going to be an easy thing, for one thing you are going to have to fall out of fashion and maybe you are going to have to suffer a few laughs here and there by those who have not heard the reasoning behind this change yet. But they will all hear it in good time, and they will come to appreciate you the more if you keep doing the right thing and not give up. but if you refuse to do the right thing and throw it away as nonsense, by the time the rest come to hear this news and change they are going to be teaching you, even though you heard it first, and at that stage pride might not allow you to follow them, and you will end up really out of fashion. And that is what the Lord Jesus meant when he said the first shall be last ant the last first. So now that you have the intelligence to do the right thing, do it and do it well enough to teach it.

Let women stand up and fight for their right of decency, and let them tell off any designer who wants to profit from their bodies. Let them tell the designers to shove all designs that show of cleavage and butts and nipples up their perverted peeping asses, and if the designers are not wise enough to change their designs to decent ones let no woman buy from them.

I know that this is possible, because all through history when women stand up for their rights they have it, even as individuals, yes! Think of the Yaa Asantewaas and the Joan of Arcs and the mother Theresas. I know that if you would do the right thing others would follow. And so for the sake of your sons and husbands and brothers, do the right thing.

Why do I bother? Because I wouldn't want my daughters and sisters and wives, well wife, to find themselves in the able hands of a dog like me, no! And I'm a dog. So maybe IÕm selfish, but hey, it's a winwin situation here right?

Again I know that clothes make a man, and so if you dress with boob hanging out I know that that is all you have to present to me, so even if I engage you in some intelligent conversation it is just one of the numerous begging tricks I have mastered. Bottom line; all I want is the booty you present, nothing more nothing less. But if you present yourself in decent clothes, I respect you like a fellow head-man, because I know you have more than booty to present and I treat you as the head-man that you are.

Why do I bother? I turn on my TV and I see musical clips of all genres mixed up so much I do not know which one is which. I mean; I hear some musician praising God with all his might and right after him comes another one praising the bottom part of a woman with the same, if not greater enthusiasm and much better rhythm, exposing the bottom so I would know exactly what he means, and I do not know whether to praise God or praise female anatomy, or praise God for the female anatomy, because everything is good right? I turn on my radio and all they talk about is sex, sex, sex and more aphrodisiacs in alcohol, and I'm beginning to believe that everyman is impotent in the country and hence the need to boost up as it were, and I tending to think I'm impotent too; after all it is a general disease of man?


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