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Blue watch

A letter to my folks By Pearl Ashia

GOOD to hear from you folks. I believe we are all doing fine. This year’s summer was short lived, wasn’t it folks? Hmm, and wasn’t it plagued with floods and drizzly rainfalls? Very soon the frosty winds are coming and everyone is going to don their black coat and walk as brisk as they can, avoiding all eye contacts and catch their buses to and from wherever.

Winter, Gosh! What a nightmare! People get colder and more hostile at this time of the year. Thank God, there is Christmas as a consolation.

You know, the period where our own British folks gather around a table, wearing those “silly” hats and shaving slices after slices of giant turkeys which could do with a bit more time in the oven.

They top it up with portions of potato wedges plus the usual greens: brussel sprouts, cauliflower and runner beans. They then gather by the fireside near the indispensable christmas tree and open presents. And what do they do afterwards? The old folks fall asleep while knitting or crocheting, the middle-aged sit by the telly and watch good old British comedy and the young ones frolick about, blasting each other with poisonous and foul smelling gases from their stomach and oh! What a merry christmas! Yippee!

Ask me to describe British Christmas in three sentences and I am gonna have to say; Boring. Boring. Boring. Lord, what a drudgery!

Where I come from, Christmas might not be heralded with all those sparkly and twinkly decorations and all those savouries and sweeties but it makes a remarkable difference. At least we have our sunshine and thanks to our communal spirit, you can just gatecrash at any party and wine and dine and dance your christmas away.

That is just to say: there is no place like our home. Our folks from Eastern Europe have come to stay and I tell you what, believe it or not, the African immigrant is being pushed into the background gradually. We are losing our jobs gradually to the folks whose only language is in signs because they cannot be bothered to learn to speak English even though they have been offered free English tuition by the British government.

Folks, the writings are on the wall. I suggest that while we still can, perhaps we should plan towards home. If it is learning. get learning. If it is trade, learn a trade. If it is apprenticeship, get enrolled because I reckon that a day might come and especially when British borders are open to all countries in Europe, it is a bit harsh to say but England will not be such a safe haven for the African immigrant anymore.

I still remain at ashiapearl@ yahoo.co.uk. Mr. XYZ, thanks so much for your mail. Later folks.


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