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By Nachi Aguboshim,
(Nachi, like most African Children born in the diaspora is trying to redefine himself.
He writes with passion and an open mind. Nachi is an intern at the youth desk of African Echo media group.)

I have compiled a collection of poems that I have written, the idea isnít to enforce any views, but just to do something that is even more important, express myself, something that we all should do, but donít always. 

Enjoy these words and thoughts with me. 

The wind uplifts me to reach my goal 
The water it embraces and purifies my soul 
The sun is the light that sets me on the way 
The earth is where I reside, until Judgement Day. 

Why do we conform to meet the needs of others? 
Why is it so easy to turn our backs on our brothers? 
Is this selfless life what we truly treasure? 
Or is this merely human nature? 
We speak with our mouths and listen with our ears A beautiful aura, but our souls cry tears 

If Life is a journey then I shall walk it alone 
From childhood to manhood see how I have grown 
The road twists and turns and gets harsher still 
Though I may stumble down once it wonít break my will 
Reaching the crossroad important choices have to be made 
Think wisely my brother, as this journey is your crusade 

Who can dictate what the future will hold? 
Is it a path constructed by God for you to unfold? 
Call it a blessing, a gift, or oneís destiny coming true 
The fact remains my friend that the future is you 

If our body is a temple, why do we break down its foundations? 
Is it oblivious to us that its beauty is Godís creation? 
Cosmetic surgery, drugs, alcohol, they all bring about our demise 
Donít be so self-destructive, just take a deeper look at whatís inside 

People underestimate the power of words 
They fly out of our mouths, but are they ever truly heard? 
Now could that be the problem that society must endure? 
If we donít value each otherís opinions, then what is the cure? 

A solider falls in battle and he can never awake 
His spirit is freed and to heaven it shall escape 
Is war so common that we expect the death of others? 
Though our skin colours may be different we are still all brothers

To indulge in the sexual act, isnít a hard feat to take 
As human we are imperfect, so giving into lust is easy to make 
So every time you wish to recklessly embrace and embrace 
Think of catching an STD and the look on your face.


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