Vol No: 83,
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Blue watch


For Her
By Nachi Aguboshim

 (Nachi, like most African Children born in the diaspora is trying to redefine himself.
He writes with passion and an open mind. Nachi is an intern at the youth desk of African Echo media group.)

I WANTED to pay overdue respect to her the one that means more to you then gold.

A tribute of her importance through my words her beauty I shall unfold. So absorb this information as her aura will help you believe.

That the beauty of her is constant and present for you to see. Now let us begin. . . . . . . . . .

You look back to the days when love was so far from your mind.

Strange that within times like these that her love is what you would find.

Elegant and wise an embodiment of everything that is pure.

Her love is sacred; to embrace it shall be your cure.

So tender is her touch that a hug puts your body at ease.

True are the actions of this queen her aim is simply to please.

Addicted to her presence and the way your spirits connect.

She brings out the best in you, negative factors you now reject.

She enhances your very being, everyday you're like a brand new man.

She helps you see you're potential and be the best you can.

When you engage her in conversation it is an experience you cannot forget.

Destiny has made it possible that your paths finally met.

And with these powerful feelings on board you forever reminisce.

To the time you went to Nando's and shared your first kiss.

Opposites can attract but that's an experience that will always pass.

This union has a stronger foundation; its roots will always last.

She emits pure energy like that of the wind or even the sun.

Her eyes they sparkle like diamonds, her Spirit like water freely runs.

Amazed you are, to have her as a defining factor within your life.

A blessing from the stars as you finally see the light.

The darkness had blinded you for ages and as a man you made mistakes.

But with her besides you, you understand your faults and know what path to take.

Your acknowledgement of her in your life shows that deep down you knew you waited.

She paints the perfect picture and is the perfect picture painted.

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