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Letters to the Editor

Blue watch


Dear Editor
I FOUND & read a copy of your paper for the first time a week ago. I was really impressed by it. It was informative, very well laid out and I found it enjoyable.

I particularly found the piece about Bill Cosby - 'America's Dad speaks out' very interesting.

I agree wholeheartedly with what he says.

Black communities in the diaspora are in danger of disintegrating at so many different levels and we need to take responsibility for that and do something about it. Our children are stabbing and killing each other, adults are too busy striving to get the best education, best jobs (not to mention material things) and forgeting who they are struggling for.

I lived in the US for over a decade and what Bill Cosby talked about I witnessed first hand. I am afraid that the same thing is happening in the UK and many other places. But the denial and inaction of our Black communities are the worst crimes of all.
A concerned African

Dear Editor
I have been saddened to hear about the death of Bob Denard. One of my best friends, I am German, served under him in the Congo and from him I have learned about the real reasons for the intervention of the "mercenaries" in the Congo. This was corroborated by another close friend of mine, also a German, who now lives in New York.

One of the most shameful episodes of modern history is that these soldiers never received the gratitude they were entitled to.

Belgian citizens, mostly nuns, were being slaughtered in the Congo and the European countries were too timid to intervene directly because of fears of "colonial interference."

They then had to send in their trained, regular forces under the guise of mercenaries to rescue the Belgians. This they did with remarkable efficiency. Afterwards some of them, like my friend, decided to stay in South Africa.

The USA was bitterly opposed to the mercenary intervention as they wanted to send in their own "peacekeeping forces" to grab the Congo's riches. They could not do that because they did not have a military infrastructure in place. This battle for the control of the DRC's wealth is still continuing, a war by proxy between the Anglophone and Francophone countries.

One just has to watch the TV news to see which group is wearing US or NATO uniforms or boots. Amongst the persons who are doing research on this is Xavier Renou, and if you are interested in this topic it will be worthwhile reading his articles on the web.

The USA now has its Africom in place, ready for "peacekeeping" exercises in the SADC. Encroaching now on their territory of interest, as well as on the European one, is China. I have done considerable research on conflict modeling and am convinced that the scene is being prepared for armed conflict between West and East for Africa.

India is also an active participant, but they are acting more surreptiously by invading the continent with merchants and "economic aid." In the meantime India is building the largest military navy in the world. It is also preparing for world conflict, primarily against its historical foe, Pakistan.

The USA will use its "war on terror" to intervene in Africa. We are set for the most violent conflict in history.

It was people like Bob Denard, who tried to prevent such large-scale catastrophes.

May he really rest in the peace he deserves. Do you perhaps know what happened to the other "soldier of fortune", Black Jack Schramme?

Thanks for the article.


Dear Editor
I REALLY enjoy reading your vast range of publications on this website, you have many thoughtful writers and enlightening articles. Just referring to the "From My Mind's Eye" article. It started with the proverb "The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people". Never have those words been so relevant than in today's society.

As much as parents may wish to wash their hands of their child's ills, the problem with anti-social behaviour, gang violence and murders all stem from the home. More and more parents are relinquishing their responsibilities as guardians to their children and leaving them to fend for themselves in such matters as coming home at any time to buying their own dinner etc. I recall when I was younger that if I came home late, I would be severely punished; nowadays children are roaming the street at midnight without a care in the world. Such small actions from ensuring that their children are home at a suitable time to taking an interest in their child's life will not only discipline them but will show that their parents do care for their life and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that they grow up to be intelligent and respectable people.

Ms Satchell-Samuels' final sentence said it best; "This year, rip up your list of resolutions, resolve simply to be purposeful". Keep up the hard work!

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