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Rejoinder: If Ghana wins Africa wins. 

This is a fantastic article which gives africans something to smile about. If truthly this man is there to help Ghanaians and African's in whole, it will be a great achievement for him and for the Ghanians both home and in diaspora. I am an 18 year old Nigerian who hopes to do something great one day. So I want to urge africanecho to continue with their marvelous coverage of the work of Africans in the diaspora and keeps us informed about latest events or activities which is on the go, both at home and in diaspora.
Thanks Adewunmi Babayemi 


Rejoinders: Great African leaders: Menelik II (An extract taken from the book, Black in History, by H. G. Cass Gilroy.) 

I read with great interest your article. However, reading the article makes me think how dangerous it is to believe history completely. I know the story quiet well and it is not how it is stated here. I do not know the author’s source but the story is not completely true. The case in points are the following statements: 

"... brought up in scrumptious splendour benefiting only a crown prince of the Shoa Kingdom, Sahala, (or Menelik) as he later decided to call himself, was made a prisoner in 1855 by Kassai, the then Governor of Shoa. But after the death in 1868 of Emperor Tewodros II..." 

The Ethiopian historians tell us that Emperor Tewodros II was from Semen and Begemedir now known as Gonder province. His name before he crowned himself Emperor Tewodros II was Kassa and he was the one who captured Menelik as a young man. I hope the author of the article corrects his misquotes. Sincerely, Lemlem Tsegaw, Virginia, U.S.A. 


Dear Mr Gilroy, 

I do not know the source of your writings. But I see miss information to your readers. You wrote "It was purely a collection of four tribes with similar racial backgrounds, living under the one name of Ethiopia. The Shoa, The Tigre, The Gallo and The Harar, are the four main tribes embracing the great mass of the Ethiopian people. And although there were semi-serious conflicts and rivalry among the tribes, they lived well enough together until the situation was aggravated by the Somalis to the east, the Madhists to the south, and by foreign intervention." There are more than 70 tribes in the so called ethiopia. The big tribes are the Oromo (Galla the derogatory name for Oromos'), the Amhara, (Minilks tribe), and Tigre. As far as I know there no tribe by the name of Shoa and Harar. These are names of the province. You may have confused then with the King of Shoa, king of Tigre. In the case of Tigre, it the name tribe and the name of province. But Shoa and Hara are exclusively the names of provinces. The tribe who lived in shoa are majority Oromo and pockets of Amaras. The tribes of Harar are Oromos, pockets of Harari and Somalis.Their racial back ground Tigre and Amharas are Semitic and Oromos are Cushitic. I do not want to go in depth about the strife among the kings. But for your information do you know King Minilik colonized most of the tribes in Ethiopia even sold war captors as slave to the Arab world. Last but not least Liji Eyasu never became an emperor. He was captured by Teferi (King Haile Silase) and killed. If I am wrong let me know. I am ready to learn. By the way I am an Oromo. I hate to be called Galla. 
Thank you, Moti 


Thank you for publishing this part of our History to whole world. King Minilik is a legend Not only for Ethiopians but also for the whole Black Africa. may your good work continue and again Thank you for reminding us about our history. 
Ethiopian Ancoberay by Birth right 


Hello Editor, 
first of all you don’t know anything about the empire of Ethiopia. If you did know you wouldn’t say “Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia was truly Negus Negusti, King of Kings.” Because this evil guy was the biggest murderer of the people of the Ethiopia empire. During his colonization the Oromos were reduced from 10 million to 5 million, live alone the rest of the oppressed southern. He unified the empire by force for his own benefit and sooner or later this empire will be destroyed by force. Know what you are talking about before you write and post something on the web. Clearly you don’t have an idea. 

He was one of the Worst human beings ever to walk on earth. He staped Africans in the back while helping white evil English children to molest, rape and plunder the horn of Africa into chaos and it is still BURNING.


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