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This article was first published in August 2006.

IN almost all cases, immigration control is geared towards foreigners entering United Kingdom. Foreigners, in this sense include human beings goods and services.

The aim is to ensure that whosoever or whatsoever enters the United Kingdom is (legally) allowed into the country within the meaning of Immigration control.

Having said this, illegally entering the United Kingdom is an offence – This is the law of the land and must be adhered to at all times. It goes without saying that some people will be allowed to enter the United Kingdom legally and then become illegal due to various reasons. Perhaps you have been allowed to enter the United Kingdom as a Student but along the line you have decided that you cannot cope with the restrictions placed on Students, for instance that you should not work more than 20 hours per week, you must not recourse to public funds, you must attend a minimum of 15 hours lectures a week and so and so forth. Even though it is your intention to achieve your desired qualifications in the United Kingdom but you found out that you could make more money than being a student. You stop going to College or University and decided to look for a full time job.

However, you are unable to secure a full time job due to the visa in your passport which reads “Employment prohibited”.

You know some of your friends who has been working full time and making good money. Why not you? You were told that there is someone who can fix you up with and Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom, this guy you were told will charge you £3000.00.

You were told that once you can show an employer that you have an indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom, you can do what you want including getting a full time job, getting benefits and you name it, you can get it.

At this point may I say, you are now in a different world, you are now creating your own immigration rules, you have entered the black market, and you have opened yourself to so much trouble. As soon as your passport is stamped with a “Fake” visa, your days in the United Kingdom become numbered because it is a matter of time before you are caught.

However, It is not unlikely that your confidence will grow due to the fact that you know you could secure a well paid job, you do not need to go to school, you have probably being given a “Fake” National Insurance number and you think that your problems are over. – Think Twice Mate!

The Home Office is there to assist you. Immigration Lawyers are there to assist you. You must know that any visa on your passport that is not from the Home Office cannot be genuine, even if you are told that the person obtaining it for you works with the Home Office! It is not unusual to hear that he works with the Home Office and he will create a file for you! This is simply not true, if it is done, it will be a “fake” file, designed to create problem for you eventually. To be sure that your visa is genuine, you must have completed an application form and sign it, you must have attached your passport photographs and above all you must have paid the prescribed processing fees, if paying by cheque and or Postal Order it should have been written Home Office “Leave to Remain”.

Most interestingly, the Home Office will not charge you £3000.00, the maximum you will pay the Home Office is £500.00 and that is for a premium service, known a “same day service”, which means you have gone to the Home Office personally to renew your visa. Most postal applications will cost you around £335.00; of course you may have to pay for the services of an Immigration Lawyer if you require one.

Also, bear in mind that if you have been granted an Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom, you will receive a letter from the Home Office to this effect, the letter will have your Home Office Reference Number, and the first alphabet will be your surname’s initial i.e. AXXXXX meaning Akinborode XXXXX. –

Home Office Letter and Passport and not hand delivered, usually, it will come through the post and you may have to sign for it.

Finally, you are strongly advised to check your passport, the means of its receipt, the contents, and to read the letter sent to you very carefully, examine the characters of the letter, look at the visa in your passport and ensure that you have dealt with the Home Office in the appropriate manner, either directly by yourself or through a qualified Immigration Lawyer. If you are in doubt, you should contact a Lawyer today!

Remember, there are people out there ready to take advantage of your situation. Ignorance of the law cannot be taken as excuse for fouling the law, the outcome may not be pleasant.

I wish you all the best and should you require any other help regarding immigration matter contact my office through the African Echo.

Dr. David Akin-Samuels


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