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Blue watch

In the Corner with Winston Mckenzie
The Natural Mystic
I HAVE recently had the pleasure of meeting Dame Kelly Holmes at the launch of the "So Beautiful Exhibition" in Docklands. I must confess my admiration and respect for Dame Kelly, who overcame adversity and disappointment to become the peoples Champion with her two Gold Medals at the last Olympic Games. As we embraced, .... I couldn't help but think of the great genes between us, me from a talented sporting family of boxers, footballers and singers, and Dame Kelly, an all time great athlete herself ..... You never know! Watch this space. I have time and sincerity for that Lady.

OK. Let's put romance aside and get serious.

The Mayoral Elections are now only some six months away, which is no time at all. Again I appeal to the community of London to wake up to the 'poli-tricks' of the Elections and support me.

There are issues as we all know that must be addressed. Main stream media at this moment will only entertain the front two party candidates.

Neither, in my opinion, are fit to run London, as they are completely out of touch, and are not concerned about our wellbeing, particularly with regard to transport, social justice, poverty, discrimination, housing schooling, etc. etc.

The recent statement made by the outgoing President of the National Black Police Association, Keith Jarrett, is unbelievably cruel, and above all, thoughtless, who states that more young people should be stopped and searched for weapons. That the strategy was necessary to combat inner-city gun and knife crime. I cannot believe such a statement has been made by Mr. Jarrett.

People in authority have such short memories. Shall we first go back to the Brixton Riots of 1981, or worse still the Broadwater Farm Riots. Was it not these same 'Stop and Search' policies that brought about such catastrophes, frightening confrontations and many fatalities?

Thank God such a person is retiring. But I must say, the statement is typical of many of our brothers and sisters who rise abruptly from virtual obscurity and then proceed to Lord it over others, as they look the other way. This person is obviously a coward himself. If he had the bottle to make such a statement, he should have made it whilst in office.

I am a man of conviction. I stand by what I say. As I write this column I have not yet heard any form of retaliation from our black leaders. I wonder if Lee Jasper, the Mayor's Gofer, will refute this despicable statement? Better still, as Mayor Livingstone has recently shed a few crocodile tears publicly over the slave trade industry, he should now show his real metal and condemn this outrageous statement himself.

The Police themselves often appear immensely incompetent in dealing with people management, as proved over the years with so many black citizens dying in police custody on arrest, or being forcibly restrained and, in the process, suffocated. Jean Charles Demenez, may I add, is the most recent typical example of their bad judgement and misunderstanding of complex situations.

The community of London already live in fear of being mugged, stabbed, murdered, or worse still, raped. You cannot fight fire with fire. The situation with regard to gun and knife crime must be extinguished. We must put out the fire. Okay, so we must check ourselves as a Nation, and be responsible for our own destiny by helping ourselves in whatever way we can. In other words, take the initiative. If you can't work for anyone, then work for yourself.

Successive Governments have engineered today's current climate of knife and gun crime, brought on by the explicit and almost complete breakdown in the education system, particularly evident in the non-affluent areas across London, which I have personally witnessed.

The incumbent Government must stop talking.

Ministers and so called support groups are also guilty of neglect. I appeal to the Government to put forward a strategic plan to end this tragedy. Find the finance! Many are being paid to make a name for themselves, at the expense of the poverty stricken poor.

People of London, Bob Marley said;- "There's a natural mystic flowing through the air.

This could be the first trumpet.

Might as well be the last. Many more will have to suffer.

Many more will have to die.

Won't tell no lie. One and all, got to face reality now."

God Bless you all. Look to the future. Support me, and keep faith!

Winston McKenzie
Independent Candidate for the Office of Mayor of London.
www.youtube.com - "Winston McKenzie"
(Tel: (m) 07949-32-42-01)

All Campaign donations by cheque or postal order to;-
Office: Suite 17, Ensign
House, Admirals Way,
Canary Wharf, London
E14 9XQ.
Office Tel: 020-7863-7979

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