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Avian Flu travels to Africa

The deadly strain of bird flu has been found in poultry in northern Nigeria, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has said in a statement. The Paris-based organisation said this was the first time the disease had been detected in Africa. The body said it was the "highly pathogenic" strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus, which can kill humans. 

It was detected on a farm in the northern state of Kaduna, where a team of experts have been sent. Authorities there said they had taken measures to stamp out the outbreak by disinfecting the affected premises, imposing a quarantine and putting restrictions on animal movements.   more....

African NGOs Call For A Ban To Terminator Technology 

A group of African NGOs has strongly condemned the use of Terminator technology to genetically modify harvested seeds and rendering them sterile. The NGOs filed an appeal to UK Ministers urging them to oppose any moves to erode the global moratorium of Terminator technology agreed under the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) in2000. The appeal further advocates a complete ban of this technology. This call comes prior to next month’s convention in Brazil where delegates at the Convention of Parties of the CBD will be tussling against Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US government fighting for the implementation of the controversial Terminator technology. Delegates of the CBD argue that allowing their counterparts views to weaken the global moratorium on Terminator technology would pave its way into agriculture. more....

Peggy Appiah Passes on 

Peggy Appiah, well-known British writer on books for children passed away in Kumasi on Saturday February 11 2006 at 84. She had spent over 50 years in this city since she left England after her marriage to the Ghanaian lawyer, statesman and presidential advisor, the late Joe Appiah. For all these years, she Chronicled both as a profession and hobby, traditional folkore of the Asante people- village and forest lives as well as natural history-especially behaviour of birds in over 30 books. Some of the books were reflected as text in the prescribed reading of primary and secondary schools in Ghana and of the West Africa Examination Council. At onetime and it is still the case, she had the best collection of Asante gold-weights in the world with featured exhibitions from Australia to the United States. more....

VOICE OF AFRICA Radio awarded FM Licence 

OFCOM the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services, has granted Voice of Africa Radio, a Newham-based Pan-African radio station, a 5 years permanent Radio Licence in London. The African community and operators of the station had been waiting anxiously since November 2004, when an application was made. since made a bid to become one of the first full time community radio stations in the UK. more....


Leadership is Africa's problem

Valentine ball for Ghanians in UK

TRUSTWORTHY- Miracles for sale

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION-A Constitution for United African States - By DR R. Glah

Business Ethics: Networking-Getting your name out there - By Vona Oyibo 

What is LOVE? 

Say it Loud


Introducing John Apea- Our entertainment correspondent.Emmanuel Apea, the brain behind 'Taxi driver', 'Home Sweet home' talks to African Echo 


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