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Blue watch

Lead in the fight against HIV-AIDS

Did you know that worldwide, there are 33 million people living with HIV and out of this number 22.5 million are adults, about 15 million are women and children under 15.
Did you also know that there were 2.9 million HIV - AIDS related deaths in the world each year?
And did you also know more than 70,000 people are living with HIV in the UK and one in three people with HIV are undiagnosed, as well as one in every 450 pregnant women in the UK is HIV positive.
Shocking as these statistics may be, that is the reality and the disease is spreading very quickly worldwide so LEAD in the fight against HIV-AIDS.
For the ninth year running December 1, 2007 will be commemorated as World Aids Day. A day set aside by UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS which brings together the efforts and resources of ten UN system organizations with a vision of responding to HIV- AIDS pandemic. The HIV AIDS pandemic hit record levels in 2006 with 4.3 million people becoming infected with HIV, more than in any previous year. Despite efforts to hold leaders accountable, progress in halting HIV is still falling far short of targets. All our efforts are simply not delivering at the speed and scale required.   more...

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