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Red Hot Ina Babylon - Entertainment news
'RED HOT Ina Babylon' is the title of thirteen-tracker debut set of conscious singer Jah Blakks Mosiah. In his quest to liberate the enslaved minds, the spiritual lyricist poured out his heart on all songs spawned. 'Zion' leaves out the cliché of other songs with same tag and focuses on the truth of Africa being the Creator's nominated paradise.

'Pray To Jah' calls for all to go down on their knees and talk to the Creator. 'Oh Jah Jah', 'Blessed Be' and 'Be Truthful' are the extension of Blakks' lyrical bonding in teaching and preaching to the youths.

'The Fool' argues on who actually should be called the fool while 'Deliver Me' is a plea as much as 'Set We Free'.

'She Don't Love Me' is the love story that's told with all the pure feelings. Title track 'Red Hot Ina Babylon' is accompanied by tracks such as 'Western Cowboy' and 'Go Down Babylon'. 'Mission' is a tune that summarises his entire mission in the scene.

Released November 15 2007, 'Red Hot Ina Babylon' is distributed in the UK by Suffer-For-Better and Jetstar.

Damion Langmore (under Suffer-For-Better) distributes the album in America whilst Mixing Lab Studios distributes the set in Jamaica. There are plans to distribute in various parts of Africa.

All songs written and produced by Jah Blakks, other musicians involved in this project include renowned bass guitarists Robbie Shakespeare, Lloyd Park and Danny Brownie. Legendary drummer Sly Dunbar and Danny Brownie played the drums while the piano was played by Robert Lyn, also supported by Danny Brownie.

Bongo Herman and Sky Juice played percussion, and guitar was by Dalton Brownie.

'Red Hot Ina Babylon' was recorded and mixed at Mixing Lab Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica. All songs remixed by Chester Walker except 'Set We Free', which was remixed by Collin (Bulby) York.

Maxine Richard and Jimmy Ras backed in the laying of the tracks at Pals ID recording studio.

'Red Hot Ina Babylon' is released under Suffer For Better Management and Productions.

To listen to samples of some of the tracks featured visit www.myspace.com/jahblakksmosiah


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