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Ambassador Roger J Menge of the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) Talks to African Echo

HIS Excellency Roger J Menge, the Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) to Switzerland and Geneva, was in London to attend the Second Edition of Miss Congo Brazzaville UK 2006, an event promoted by the British Congo Brazzaville Friendship Association UK, SPEAKS ON THE ECONOMIC & P O L I T I C A L DEVELOPMENT IN CONGO BRAZZAVILLE

African Echo (AE): How is the present political and economic development in Congo Brazzaville going?
His Excellency Menge (HEM): Our Country is a democratic nation, with solid democratic institutions, to make sure there is check and balances for effective running of the Country. These include the National Assembly, the Senate, the Presidency, Council of Ministers, Lower Court of Justice, Supreme Judicial Council, and Supreme Council for Freedom of Speech and Economic Council, National Commission for Human Rights. All these are put in place by our Government, to support individuals' participation in government, economic process and political stability of our Country.

AE: what are the investments opportunities in Congo Brazzaville ?
HEM: Our Government headed by H.E Denis Sassou Nguesso, has established Congolese Centre for Business Investment and Formalities, to help investors with all the necessary things needed to know about investing in Congo Brazzaville. This Agency also will help to reduce Bureaucratic red tapes in setting up business in our Country, from days to hours.

Today there are a lot of benefits that investors could derive, if they come to invest in Congo. Investors could benefit from the financial support scheme of CEMA (Monetary and Economic Community of Central African Countries), which also include tax credits, facilitation of profit fund transferring. The following sectors have good opportunities to be exploited by potential investors: Agriculture, Hotel Industry, Construction, Hospital, and Health equipment, Pharmaceutical, Education, Tourism, Arts, Crafts and Technology.

AE: Ambassador, one of the objectives of the British Congo Brazzaville Friendship Association is to promote Congo Brazzaville Tourism in UK and Europe, how could you encourage this?
HEM: Promoting Congo Tourism is very important for our Country, this we need to do, by establishing our Tourism Board abroad, in the major world cities, like Paris London, NewYork and Tokyo. This will help to boost this sector market for us. Already we have good hotels and other tourism facilities, to support this. We have extensive tourism sites and attraction.

Also we are re-known in Africa as a leading cultural, Arts and music Country. Personally, I would like to suggest here, that for this sector to thrive well in Congo, private people, both local and foreign investors need to get involve to manage it. If this sector is managed well, it could create jobs for young persons, through training development in this field, attraction of Government incentives and will generate good income for our country. I therefore, invite all potential investors, Tourists, to come to Congo Brazzaville and explore the beauty and business investment opportunities in our Land. We have beautiful sun shine, rivers, sea, lakes, beaches and ocean.

AE: Ambassador, what could you say about the diplomatic relationship between UK and the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) ?
HEM: The relationship between our two countries is excellent. However my colleague in France, Mr Henry Lopes, who is the Ambassador Plenipotentiary, accred

AE: what are your views on the British Congo Brazzaville Friendship Association UK?
HEM: This is a very good idea, which will go a long way to benefit the people of Congo and UK economically and in other ways. I am one of the Patrons of this organisation and I wish it a very successful activities and existence. I think this organisation will support international development issues in the Republic of Congo, while in UK, will promote our dear Country in areas such as business investment, tourism and image.

AE: Excellency, what are your achievements as the Congo Representative to Geneva and to the UN Agencies?
HEM: Our Mission is a member of the African Ambassadors Association in Geneva, under this body, I am the Co-ordinator of Human Rights Issues for The Republic of Congo Brazzaville. This is a little bit difficult task, as I am not based fully in Congo.

However, I have done a lot in conjunction with the Congo National Commission of Human Rights, on issues pertaining to rights of individuals. I have also helped to improve Congo (Brazzaville) and Switz Trade Relationship. This has led to some Switz Companies showing effective interest in Congo Timber.

AE: Ambassador, What could be your personal message to Congolese in UK?
HEM: To my brothers and sisters who live in UK, I wish all of you well, at the same time call for unity amongst the Congolese. This is essential as a pathway to our Country's stability and progress.

Unity is strength. I would also say here, that we need to take example from the West Africans, who are always supportive to one another and hence wherever they are, they tend to achieve more. Selfishness will lead us to nowhere, it should be set aside for Congo Brazzaville sake!!! It will be great to see more Congolese join the British Congo Brazzaville Friendship Association UK, as they will have a lot to benefit from this organisation and contribute as well.

AE: Thananks for coming
HEM: You are welcome.



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