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Helena Nanjira Mazuva A beauty Queen, a model and a therapist
By Eric Orji

She won Miss Millennium Namibia in year 2000, was the second runner-up in the 2006 Miss Malaika UK contest and her burgeoning demand and fame in the modelling scene in the United Kingdom is an attraction of its own. Helena Nanjira Mazuva is a beauty Queen who incorporated catwalk into her flair to further exhibit the thorough African elegance. She portrays African woman in that natural undiluted looks the world at large hunger for. 

And her therapy skill evolved from a wish for a total sane and comfortable world. Born in Tsumeb, Namibia, Helen (as she’s fondly called) showed all signs of a potential beauty Queen from a very tender age. 

Her looks would attract impressive comments from those who had the third eye. 

After high school Helen became a youth activist where her interest in changing the lives of young people in her hometown yielded maximally. She was involved in virtually all regional and national meetings on youth issues. 

Soon Helen stepped into event management. She organised Miss Youth Beauty Contest in her region in 1996. In the maiden edition, Helen choreographed and presented the event herself. In 1999 the contest changed to Miss Tsumbe Annual Beauty Contest. 

During the time, Helen as well ventured into music talent hunt shows. Her strong zeal in representing the Namibian youths took her to Norway where she went through a one-year program in Norwegian language and theatre. In 2002 Helen Nanjira was sent as a youth exchange student to United Kingdom to study psychology. She did a one-year foundation course in psychology at Chesterfield College. After the course, Helen realized that she could do better as a counsellor; focusing on people’s feelings and giving them the required therapy. She then switched over to studying counselling. 

Helen finished a three-year course on counselling in July 2006 and is presently on placement at Rape Crisis Centre, the Barton Healthy Living Project and the Women’s Refuge (a temporary place for women who left their husbands/ partners because of Domestic Abuse). She deals with issues such as relationship problems, abuse (physical, emotional and sexual), feelings of anxiety or stress, loss (bereavement or breakup), low self-esteem/mild depression and more. 

Presently, Helen Nanjira is one of the African beauties competing in the online global beauty contest, which is in the quest for the world’s most beautiful woman (www.insearchoftheworldsmostbeautifulwoman. com). If you visit the site, click on Namibia and then vote for Helen Nanjira by clicking on her photo. Your vote might give her a chance to represent Namibia and Africa in the finals of this prestigious world beauty contest, which is scheduled in Las Vegas, United States of America. 

I discovered Helen Nanjira’s exemplary strides at the recently held ‘Young Designers Fashion Awards in West London’. As she catwalked the platform the meaning of her native name, Nanjira, was unfolding with each step taken. Nanjira means on the road to success. The tiny tribal marks on her face told me she’s an African and that she’s representing to the fullest. Helen Nanjira Mazuva invests most of her accolades in charity works. She believes a beauty queen should be an empowering tool for the helpless. “I pray that I use my achievements as a form of strengthening weapon for the needy, the sick and the oppressed,” Helen said. 

“I’d like African women achievers to use their fame, fortune and status to make a positive impact on our ailing continent.” Helen Nanjira is also involved in acting, supporting in musical videos, portrait for magazines, advertising, catalogue and other commercials. 

To know Helen Nanjira farther click on www.nanjira.co.uk


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