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Story: Jessyca Sarpong
Press & Communications Officer Rich Visions (Int) Ltd

ON December the 22nd, Ghana’s capital Accra hosted the World Wide Campaign by UN WFP (World Food Programme) and Health PR for Stop Child Hunger at the prestigious Golden Tulip Hotel!

During this event, an auction was held and over $ 30 000 was raised, making this event very successful. Prices on auction included Lenox Louise’s boxing gloves, all designer’s special outfits and Damon Dash autographed CatWALK THE WORLD –“Fashion for Food” T-shirts to name a few prices.

The event dubbed as the biggest fashion event in Ghana, featured a long list of high profile International and National Designers including OZWALD BOATENG, DEOLA SAGOE, KOFI ANSAH, STONED CHERRIE, ATIMEO, SIKA, KONADO, ALABA and KIKI.

On the CatWALK were celebrated International supermodels such as the 1st Winner of the Nokia Face of Africa, Oluchi (Nigeria), former Miss World Agbani (Nigeria), Nokia Face of Africa runner-up Mirash (Ghana) and other models from the UK, South Africa, USA, Nigeria and Ghana.

Other celebrated names who took part in the Entertainment World included: BASKETMOUTH, TIC-TAC, KING AYISOBA, KOJO ANTWI as well as A-list recording USA international artist MYA.

The event was hosted by LISA A’ANSON, a well-known MTV personality and radio presenter.

Also in attendence were Damon Dash, a HIP-HOP entrepreneur and mogul, ex-footballer, Marcelle Desailly and jazz musician, Rhian Benson.

The campaign titled: CatWALK THE WORLD – “Fashion for Food” is the latest move by UN WFP and Health PR to Fight Child Hunger across the world.

The campaign CatWALK THE WORLD – “Fashion for Food” is an innovative conceptual variation on the WALK THE WORLD concept, to raise funds and awareness for Child Hunger globally.

This International Campaign consists of High Profile Fashion shows around the world with the biggest and most famous designers representing their respective countries.

It is well documented that the big exclusive Fashion shows attract who is who from the World’s Social Elite as well as commanding unprecedented media attention.

So it’s the glamour, glitz and wealth from the Fashion Industry that CatWALK THE WORLD will use to create awareness and generate funds for the millions of children suffering from Hunger and hunger related diseases and to get more children in school, especially girls by making sure they receive one nutritious meal per day. (School Feeding Programme) In Ghana, although significant progress has been made in meeting macro-economic targets, the nutritional status of children is still of concern. One in three children under five years old is stunted and one in five is underweight.

To address this problem, the United Nations World Food Programme is supporting the Ghana Health Service with complimentary feeding for pregnant women and nursing mothers and children under five years old who lack access to nutritional food. The food assistance programme provides them with nutritional rations which are fortified with micro-nutrients such as iron, iodine and Vitamin A, essential for growth and brain development.

Complementary feeding combined with health services and nutrition education provides an integrated package of services to address child malnutrition and mortality in Ghana.

The Fashion For Food campaign was launched in April 2006, in Lagos, Nigeria and after Accra-Ghana the event will continue in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia, Monrovia-Liberia Freetown- Sierra Leone and South Africa and will move across the rest of the world. The project will make stops in Dubai-UAE, London-UK, Paris-France, Rome-Italy, Madrid-Spain, Copenhagen- Denmark, New York-USA, Sao Paolo-Brazil, New Delhi-India, Hong Kong-China, Tokyo- Japan, Trinidad Tobago-West Indies, Sydney-Australia to mention a few.

UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME will, as well as involving their celebrity Goodwill Ambassadors, also invite Heads of State and government officials from each country and ensure their involvement and attendance to their capacity and assistance towards a successful outcome of the event. The campaign for Stop Child Hunger is one of the most important issues for UNITED NATIONS and the Global Development goal of halving hunger worldwide by 2015. The campaign began under a mandate from former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan.


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