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BAME managers targeted by get ahead programme

Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) managers play a crucial role in local government but research shows that they often fail to realise their full potential.

The “Get Ahead” programme is designed to give BAME managers the skills, insights, confidence and motivation to become high achievers, ready for leadership roles. Perceptions and Prospects, a study carried out for the IDeA by Leadership Research and Development Ltd, found that BAME managers receive less managerial support, training and development opportunities than white managers. They are also more likely to believe that, although they might have good ability, they will not be given leadership responsibility without appealing to those in positions of power.

One consistent factor to emerge was that BAME managers are more likely to be part of the ‘out’ group at work. The researchers concluded that this meant they often miss out on important jobs or special assignments that could have boosted their careers. Get Ahead is for BAME middle managers working across local government, including policy units, libraries, housing, leisure, environment, corporate, planning, education and social services.

Its aim is that participants will gain a clear understanding of their skills, their managerial style and values and to establish their personal goals. The programme is delivered in four, two-day, residential phases. 

Phase 1: leadership models and self assessment of leadership skills, including e-modules
on leadership and integration and a 360-degree diagnostic tool 

Phase 2: developing your leadership career and networking 

Phase 3: career development and change management 

Phase 4: learning and network review

Get Ahead uses a variety of techniques designed to help participants make the most of the programme and put what they learn into practice at work. It focuses on personal as well as professional development and uses diagnostic tools, action learning, peer support, and one to one career coaching.

The programme will feature high profile guest speakers, opportunities to develop networks with colleagues facing similar challenges, and experts facilitating in a secure but challenging environment.


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