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Land!, the new investment for black people

“ Buy Land, they are not making it anymore” was a quote by the celebrated American author, Mark Twain

Why land? Because more than 20 of the UK’s 100 wealthiest people are property developers and land owners. The acquisition and use of Land is the historic foundation for much of Britain’s wealth creation and today, the potential for land to generate financial return is arguably greater than ever, as modern day building requirements create the demand for carefully selected land with good development potential.

“ In the UK as a whole, the residential land prices have risen from an average of £174,000 a hectare 20 years ago to £1.6m today – an increase of 808 percent, outstripping the housing market.” Financial Times Money November 27 2005.

And in America, countless fortunes have been made by individuals who have understood the concept of buying and holding pre-developed land in the path of growth. Examples are Donald Trump, Howard Hughes and Roy Sakioka. Sakioka amassed nearly US$500 million in private land holdings with no debt.

And because there is only so much available land in supply, the value of the asset consistently appreciates, giving substantial protection to any form of land investment.

Over the years a lot of people have started to invest in Off-Plan and Buy – to – Let properties. But not many are aware of the huge returns that can be made from putting their money into land, which is also a property based asset. “Most sought after by investors are Greenfield sites near to existing residential or already developed and with good infrastructure, amenities and road communications. These sites could be considered for planning permission in the near future under the government’s extensive new house building push” Financial Times Money November 27 2005.

An innovative and pioneering company, Glory Properties, have teamed up with Europe’s leaders in identifying strategic pre-developed land, and who have an excellent track record of over 15 years of developing and optimizing land, taking their sites from conception to planning. All their sites are sold without planning permission and whilst they do not guarantee planning, all their investors at the point of purchase, sign an agreement to grant a buy back option to the sellers. These sellers are also responsible for processing the planning application for the sites.

And this is a very positive sign for all our investors. The “Glory” criteria in choosing land for development are strict. They select only land that matches the following criteria:
• Close proximity to other housing/development
• Road access
• No contamination
• No onerous covenants
• Does not fall within a flood plain
• Situated in the logical path of future urban growth/infill

And their fully trained Independent Land Advisers are based at their head office along the Thames in London, and their Specialist Commodity Brokers operate from their trading centre based in Greenwich, south east London. The company is aware that all their investors will need a well balanced financial portfolio, and their offer is to fill 10 to 15% of their bread basket. 

Note: Editorial material kindly provided by Kem Jimoh, of Glory Properties Limited.


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