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Entrepreneurship may be down to our genetics!

A new report has claimed that our genes may be the determining factor in whether people are entrepreneurial or are likely to be their own boss. It argues that nature rather than nurture drives our enterprise behaviour by claiming that a person's upbringing and home environment have little impact on whether someone becomes an entrepreneur.

Kevin Steele, CEO of the Make Your Mark campaign, who are responsible for the report comments that: "Everyone is born with the potential to be an entrepreneur, but that potential has to be nurtured and encouraged to allow people to make their ideas happen. Too often in the UK, we operate a deficit model which assumes that young people lack enough enterprise ability. We need to move from this to an enabling model which provides encouragement and support for young people to take calculated risks and turn their own ideas into reality."

This was the top line recommendation that emerged from the biggest report into enterprise culture in the UK. The Enterprise Report 2005 which was published in September 2005. Established entrepreneur ambassadors including Saira Khan (The Apprentice), Richard Reed (Innocent Smoothies) and Al Gosling (Extreme Group), amongst others, will be available to those wishing to explore the issue further.


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