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Complied by Cass Gilroy-Business Editor

Nigeria’s Solid Minerals Deposits Trigger Economic Revolution

The full exploitation of Nigeria's solid minerals deposit will bring about an economic revolution, says the Special Adviser to the Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Nonnie Roberson. She told a news conference in Nigeria that the revolution would be anchored on the ministry's determination to woo international investors in the sector to Nigeria. 

She said that the ministry had adopted new vision, commitment and the drive capable of attracting genuine investors that would explore the huge deposit of minerals in the country. Roberson also said that government was doing its best to provide a conducive environment for international investors in the sector. 

She explained that the creation of a special Investment and Promotion Unit by the ministry as a platform for facilitating the discovery and formulation of appropriate framework would spur investment in the sector. The unit, she added, would also package investment proposals and feasibility studies for potential investors and their local partners.


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