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Eritrean construction of road networks in Massawa finalised

The construction of Sigalet-Ketan and Bab-Ashera road networks in the port city of Massawa, at a cost of over 42 million Nakfa, have been finalised by the Eritrean government. 

The deputy manager of the Massawa Port Authority, Mr. Yemane Yigzaw, said that the narrowness of the road used to hinder smooth transport of goods from and to the port, but would now been eased thanks to the undertaking. He added that the new infrastructure would also play a significant role in the development of the tourism sector.

The 1 km-long Sigalet-Ketan road has been widened from 7 meters to 18 meters, and that five major bridges have been put in place alongside the newly asphalted road. 

Meanwhile, the 200 meterlong Bab-Ashera road that runs from Dahlak Hotel to the city center has now been widened from 7.5 meters to 16 meters. Three major bridges have also been constructed along the road.


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