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Complied by Cass Gilroy-Business Editor

Omatek Computers to open Ghana factory in March

Omatek Computers is set to open its Ghana factory in March. A recent statement by Omatek reiterated that the opening of the factory would officially mark the start of business by Omatek Computers (Ghana) Limited, incorporated as part of the company's larger vision of creating a brand uniquely African for a global market.

The statement added that since the company ventured into Ghana three years ago, it has been able to penetrate the financial sector by providing hardware solution to some of the leading banks, including those that had entered Ghana from Nigeria such as Zenith Bank and GT Bank.

Over the years, Omatek has grown to become one of Nigeria's foremost computer institutions. It got the endorsement of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) about four years ago as a driver of technological change in Africa for its Lagos factory where hundreds of Nigerians are in employment.

Omatek emerged top on the Microsoft list of equipment manufacturers for West and Central Africa, less than two years after getting the endorsement of the ITU as a promoter of indigenous capacity and the provision of robust and affordable systems in a continent where PC and internet penetration is costly and limited.

Kohler was addressing an African heads of state conference of the Partnership with Africa Initiative. The Partnership with Africa is an initiative of Kohlerís in cooperation with the ZEIT Foundation. It seeks an engagement with Africa that will be based on trust, understanding and mutual respect.

He also said that frameworks like the New Partnership for African Development, African Union and Tony Blair's Commission for Africa do not pay enough attention to Africaís young people.


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