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Complied by Cass Gilroy-Business Editor
China challenges the West for Africa’s resources
LDA to invest in recycling sector for black, Asian and minority ethnic groups
Businesses fear UK economy will suffer in 2007
UK businesses challenge German EU Presidency to deliver
Islamic bond sales may grow to 11 billion pounds
Minority business sector launched by Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce
What will the new-look Business Link offer black firms in 2007?
Tanzania offered $80 million for Nairobi-Dar road by ADB
Jubilee now listed on Tanzania’s stock market
ESA service sector to be covered by new trade deal with EU
Foreign firms to help Ethiopia study telecom and finance sectors
South African miners list on London and Toronto exchanges
Cameroon to get more Chinese equipment for nation's agriculture
Uganda mineral exploration to start very soon
Nigerian Aviation Minister commends Virgin Nigeria Airways
Construction to start at Lerala Mine in Botswana by early 2007
US Grants East African Development Bank 800 million Shillings
China's first regular flight to Africa arrives in Lagos
River Ranch to export diamonds from Zimbabwe, says Ministry of Mines
Nigerian bank raise low-interest fund to develop oil and gas industry
Kenya orders closure of German gas company
Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange set for electronic trading
Eveready East Africa posts a 13% drop in pre-tax profits.
Ghana and Nigeria stock exchanges to integrate
South Africa’s Anooraq up by 4.2% in JSE secondary listing
2006 worst year for Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
How high will Stanbic’s share price be in January?
The Angolan ITC announces the expansion of IT services in 2007
Lone Star State keen to do business with Kenya
Businessman urges Ghana companies to exhibit high ethical standards

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