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Dear Auntie Joe,
I am 26 years old; nurse by profession. I live in East London and my colleague advised me to buy a house instead of paying rent.

I was then referred to a company that deals with mortgages. I was reassured that I will get what I wanted. Then they advised me to start house hunting and by godís grace I found a house I wanted. I went back to fill all the necessary forms and paid a deposit for administration charges. Each time I call I was told everything was moving smoothly. I was also having pressure from the people selling the house which made me go a head and pay for survey fees. To my disappointment, I was called to the office and told that the mortgage did not go through due to me owing something (default on my address) which I disputed. I was very upset and have to seek advice regarding this matter. It was suggested I do my own credit check from the same company the mortgage people used. To my surprise I was cleared with default at all on my old and new addresses.

I then demanded my deposit money back from mortgage people. I was told I could not get any refund back which I thought was very unfair, considering that there was nothing wrong on my part. Please Auntie Joe help, how can I retrieve my money?
Potia Nkomo

Dear Potia,
There is a saying that my people perish for lack of knowledge. Please do a bit of research before you attempt to buy another mortgage, know the company you are dealing with very well. If you are not sure find out from or complain to:

Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh wall
London-E14 9SR
Tel: 0207 964 1000 Fax: 0207 964 1001

But before you take that direction, firstly go back to them and complain, if you donít get anywhere, go to your local citizen advice bureau for further steps to be taken upon failing that then contact Financial Ombudsman Services.

I hope you get your money back.

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