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Sex Hoax In Accra-Ghana

Pickpockets and loafers had a field day in Accra sometime last week when residents, the police and some mediamen were sent on a wild goose chase following reports on some radio stations that a man and a woman who engaged in sex could not disengage themselves after the act. 

The news, which spread like wild fire, saw thousands of people besieging the premises of Vanef Transport Company, in pursuit of the hoax that the two had been sent there to be transported to the Northern Region, where the woman’s husband was said to be residing, for the curse to be revoked. The news, which was first broadcast on one of the FM stations in Accra at about 8a.m., indicated that the bizarre incident occurred at the Agbogbloshie market, early yesterday morning. It turned out to be a conducive atmosphere for pickpockets and pilferers to have a field day as people reported of missing mobile phones, money and other valuables. 

At the newsroom of Ghana’s biggest circulating newspaper, the Daily Graphic , a photographer was immediately dispatched to the scene but it turned out to confirm the hoax. 

He later contacted the Agbogbloshie Police Post where he was informed that such an incident had not been reported. 

Still following the movement of the crowd, the photographer again made his way to the Central Police Station, where he was given the same response, and he consequently reported back to the office. 

However, the news still persisted on radio, with live broadcast from Vanef Transport, where the man and woman were said to have been transported. Graphic reinforced its team, asking a reporter to accompany the photographer to the Vanef yard. At about 11a.m. when the Daily Graphic team arrived at the scene, there was heavy security presence from Intercon Security Systems to protect life and property. 

The crowd was informed that no such incident had been brought there but they insisted that they would not leave the premises until they had seen them. The situation made vehicular movement impossible and many travellers found it impossible to move through the thick crowd to the bus terminal. 

While some in the crowd insisted that in the early hours of the morning they saw two people who had been covered with white calico being brought out from a vehicle, others denied any such thing. 

Around noon, when this reporter was finally leaving the scene, the crowd was still thickening and the security personnel were having a hectic time controlling them.


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