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Ethiopian Beauty wins 

Kabenesh Girma an Ethiopian model has quietly stunned the critics by winning Miss Tourism Africa™ 2005 at the recently concluded Miss Tourism Planet 2005 pageant held in Athens Greece, Kabenesh was representing Ethiopia in the pageant which is an annual event in it 8th year, The objective is to promote tourism and friendship amongst nations. 
It is the second time that Ethiopia has participated in the pageant and last years delegate Miss Tourism-Ethiopia 2004 Helina Mezegbu, also won and title of Miss Vivid, so it makes two out of two for the Ethiopian Life Foundation which owns the exclusive licence for Ethiopia, and is proud to be the organisation promoting Ethiopia at these sort of international events.
In other news and events “Miss Nation 2005” Fethiya Mohammed a semi-finalist from the Miss Universe-Ethiopia 2005 pageant, is currently in China representing Ethiopia at the International Queen of Tourism 2005 contest and has been there for the last 3 weeks, and Miss Tourism-Ethiopia 2005 DINA Fekadu departs for Malaysia for Miss Tourism International 2005 in the coming week.

Once again young Ethiopian girls are under the guidance and direction of the Ethiopian life foundation and it founder Mr Andy, quietly but proudly showcasing Ethiopian culture and traditions to a global audience, The Ethiopian life foundation is thus unshakable from it position and continues to solidify its position as the largest private Public Relations Organisation Ethiopia has at the moment, and proudly promotes Ethiopia at top international tourism related events.

Kabenesh has been a model of professionalism and loyalty, it should be recalled that she was a participant in the first Miss Ethiopia-World® pageant in 2003, and the Miss Universe-Ethiopia® 2004 pageant and has previously represented Ethiopia in Miss Tourism of the Globe in Russia last year, and continues to show the sort of positive attitude and loyalty that will see her having a very successful future. 

Her title of Miss Tourism Africa now gives her a huge platform to promote Tourism in Ethiopia and it is hoped that the momentum gained from her title will be put to good use by Tourism professionals in Ethiopia to further promote Ethiopian tourism in a positive way as part of the official goal of poverty reduction in Ethiopia, Responsible Tourism was a major theme at the 2005 Miss Universe-Ethiopia pageant which was proudly sponsored surprisingly by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and it was noted that over 750,000 tourist fly over Ethiopia annually to go to Kenya for instance, by Mr Andy, the president of Miss Universe-Ethiopia Organisation, and the Ethiopian Life Foundation, and he questioned why this is so, and suggested what we in Ethiopia can do about it, but he did not just “Talk the Talk”, he “Walked the Walk” and went out and did some thing positive about it, like he has been doing for the positive image and promotion of Ethiopia for the last 4 years, representing Ethiopia on the international scene, and Kabeneshes Miss Tourism Africa 2005, title is a positive and huge step to doing something about it, and she and the Ethiopian Life Foundation now have all the moral authority required to promote Ethiopian and African Tourism, as ambassadors, but also not without the necessary support from the various agencies and organisation in Ethiopia who are in the tourism business it will take a concerted effort for all of us to achieve the goals and aspirations set. 
At a time when world focus in increasingly on Africa, the time has come for us all to step up. 

Ghanaian women are beautiful indeed.

At The 2005 GMA UK awards in London, one gentleman among the few who came very early was standing at a corner, waiting patiently for the event to start. As the sound engineers and the organizers were putting finishing touches to the event, the gentleman met this writer and greetings were exchanged in our usual Ghanaian fashion, where he realized that the writer was from the media, the gentleman known as Love Paapa Kwabina mentioned that he has a released a new album and wanted it to be reviewed.

Back home safely in America, the opportunity came for the CD to be heard. When the CD was inserted in the stereo for the first time, the two tracks on the 16 song album entitled, Ghana mmaa hoofe (Ghanaian women are beautiful) were skipped to listen to the third track “Les milele”. Being a fan of Kpalogo the songs heard and the creativity behind it were incredible. “Les milele”s intro will be mistaken to be a soca song but it is a mixture of kpalogo and fused with soca. It is a cross between Gyedu Blay Ambolley and Paapa Yankson. One will never stop listening to that song and will keep reminding "the selector to rewind”. “Ghana Mmaa Ahoofe” the title track, gives credence to the beauty and charisma of the Ghanaian women. The momen! t you see the beauties walking and you are exactly attracted to them.

Love Paapa made a wise move to make it aware that our women are beautiful and the world should recognize that. It is a stark constrast to the rushing to the get a hit record or becoming an overnight Hiplife artist with a song which is not worth listening to anymore and can disappear in the face of the earth within few months. The artist took his time to come up with a great concept to please the listener especially the intro of track 13, “Africa Unite”, a reggae track which was well produced. It is a great track for the lovers of reggae and LPK sounded like reggae hotshots; the late Dennis Emmanuel Brown, Kojo Antwi, and Sanchez. Singing a conscious so! ng about unity and peace brings to mind superstar; Bob Nester Marley and Peter Tosh’s “Equal Rights and Justice” and Batman also sings about peace in his album.

LPK has become creative by infusing soca, reggae and Highlife to come out with an album called; “Ghana mmaa hoofe ”. The album caters for the young, the not too old and and the old so check it out.


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