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Tanzania’s Foreign Minister gets No. 2 UN Position

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Tanzania's Foreign Minister Asha-Rose Migiro to the number two job at the United Nations.

In a statement the Secretary-General described Dr. Migaro as a highly respected leader and outstanding manager who has championed the cause of the developing world.

When Migiro takes over as deputy secretary-general, Ban said, he intends to delegate much of the management and administration of the U.N. Secretariat to her as well as socio-economic and development issues.

"Through her distinguished service in diverse areas, she has displayed outstanding management skills with wide experience and expertise in socio-economic affairs and development issues."

Dr. Migiro, who became Tanzania's minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation a year ago, served previously as minister for community development, gender and children for five years.

In her previous academic career, she rose to the rank of senior lecturer at the law faculty of the University of Dares- Salaam.

She will replace Mark Malloch Brown who was deputy secretary-general from April 2006 until former Secretary- General Kofi Annan's term ended on Dec. 31.


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