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There have been successful elections in Ethiopia to elect a prime minister and other members of the House of People's representatives (HPR). 

The elections saw the re-election of Mele Zenawi for a third five year term.The newly elected parliament was officially opened in October with chambers, the HPR and the house of the federation, meeting in a joint session in the morning which was addressed by President Girma Wolde Giogris, before holding regular sessions as separate assemblies in the afternoon. The opening session was held in the presence of foreign dignitaries, religious leaders and other invited guests.

The HPR, which sat on 10th October for the first time since the national and regional elections on 15th May and 21st August, endorsed Mele's nomination as Prime minister with a show of hands, after which he took an oath of office. The task of electing a new speaker and Deputy Speaker was also undertaken, with the former Minster of youth, Cultur amdn sport, Teshome toga, elected as Speaker, and Shitaye Minaye his deputy- marking the first time a woman has held the post.

The opening session was attended by all 327 members of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Front (the EPRDF), forty-four members of the Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF) - which included its leaders Dr. Beyene Petro and Dr. Merea Gudiana- as well as ten members of the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement and six members of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD). Of particular note the new parliament has 116 female MPs, 107 of which are members of the EPRDF - marking a 25% increase on the previous parliament. Meanwhile, the inaugural session of the house of Federation, held elections for the posts of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, with Degife Bulaand Mohammed Siree elected respectively.


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