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UK News - SAVE OUR CHILDREN! - Winston Mckenzie Shouts

AS WE get close to choosing a new Mayor for London all three leading Candidates for the Office of Mayor of London have stressed that crime is at the top of their agenda. Indeed, it should be at the top of everyone's agenda, including parents, police, MPs, Government Ministers, and last but not least of all, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

The above-mentioned are at a loss as to what action to implement with regard to gun and knife crime, which is now verging on an epidemic scale. So far this year alone, there have been 12 youth fatalities, which averages out at one per week.

No-one is prepared to take a stand and solve this issue - urgently!

I have pledged to rid our communities of this evil virus.

I have the Policies, the will, the passion the desire to tackle this, immediately. I shall deliver.

I have made repeated requests to all the other candidates to explain in detail how they would solve this current spate of youth killings.

It is now some three weeks ago since I handed in one of my detailed Policies to the Prime Minister's office, at No. 10, Downing Street, with regard to solving the problem.

To date I have received no reply. Obviously our Prime Minister has other priorities. (A general outline of this Policy can be seen on my website: www.mckenzie4mayor.co.uk) I maintain, that if Londoners wish to see the back of these cruel and thoughtless crimes within eighteen months, they should vote for me as their First Choice.

Again I stress that I am the only candidate who can not only communicate, but understands today's youth, through my hands-on committed experience in lecturing children and disaffected youth throughout Greater London.

As Co-Founder and Chairman of the Croydon Youth Games, a mini- Olympic-style Competition for the children of Greater London, aged 11-18 years of age, many of whom I personally train in every aspect of "Organising and Putting On a Sporting Event", I have seen and understood the disenfranchisement within the education system.

The disproportionate withdrawal of facilities, such as closures of Youth Clubs together with the selling off of playing fields, and lack of funding for good local projects, has now taken it's toll, and it's the children who are blatantly suffering.

They have become nocturnal and turned on one-another.

I therefore throw down the gauntlet to all concerned, particularly our leading Mayoral Candidates:- Why are our politicians not concerned for the wellbeing of our children?

Why are they prepared to accept this barbaric way of life?

Why are they not outraged at the suffering?


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