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Microsoft Re enters Zimbabwe

MICROSOFT, the world's largest software company, has re-entered Zimbabwe after a few years' absence, appointing local company MS Solutions as sole distributor of its software in the local market.

The new software includes Vista, the new operating system launched to businesses worldwide last week by Microsoft, and which will be made available to consumers next month.

Samir Popatlal, head of MS Solutions, said recently that his company had agreed a franchise deal with Microsoft Corporation, which would see the Zimbabwean market gaining access to Microsoft technology, software upgrades, maintenance and support. The deal would also make Microsoft products more affordable to Zimbabwean users, Popatlal said.

Under the franchise deal, Microsoft is granting MS Solutions exclusive distribution rights for its products that include licensing, full package products (FPP) and other product ranges. MS Solutions has already launched Microsoft's latest operating system, the Vista, and also launched the new Office 2007 and Exchange 2007. Microsoft says its new operating system will change the way its customers use their PCs, and has also been touting Vista's easier deployment, manageability and its stronger security.

MS Solutions comprises directors Tony Kates, Jayesh Jivan, Nikhil Bhulabhai and Popatlal. Sales manager for MS Solutions, Chengetai Magunje, said all the new Microsoft products would be made available to consumers through local vendors.


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