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Blue watch

       United Kingdom?
By Nachi Aguboshim
NOW I don’t wish to fill your head with negative thoughts and therefore infect your positive minds

I just wish to express how I feel and hope that with these words a solution we will find.

We reside in a country of diverse cultures and races, not attempting to live together

I stress the words, not attempting as our ignorant view of each other makes our situation no better.

The idea of a multi-cultural country and coexisting truly sounds sublime

But for that to be a reality we have to change our state of mind.

The youth are our map to the future and through nurturing them their greatness will come.

But our failure to notice their potential results in them quickly picking up a gun

We then look towards their parents and point that infamous finger of blame

Their response is to turn their backs, as they are now controlled by shame

People are judged by the colour of their skin, now is that a good treatment to receive?

Some think that ethnic minorities no longer endure racism, but it’s up to you what you believe

In a society were the issue of racism is so common that we embrace it like a child of our own Though your passport states that you are British, but be wise my brothers and sisters this will never be our home

A government that doesn’t relate to the needs of its people, so does democracy truly exist?

It’s like every day is in the season of winter, as our future fades deeper into the mist

Blair once formed an alliance with Bush to battle a ‘War on Terror’ on foreign lands

Disillusioned by pAwer and arrogance as the blood of the innocent drips from their hands Every year the crime rate rises and it becomes more of a risk to walk the street

Be it daytime or even night there isn’t enough police patrolling the beat The introduction of ASBO’s in the community has made crime merely a popular trend

If crime is seen as a simple pass time, then when will this mentality end?

Now these are just a couple of problems that we all know currently exist

All we need to do now is acknowledge them and not let ignorance be bliss.
Change the way we live

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