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-Kojo Preko Dankwah, Akwasi Agyemang & Obeng Manu - Liberia

The presidential candidate for the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), ex football international, George Oppon Weah has refused to accept the results of the run -off of the Liberian elections alleging electoral malpractices. His party has alleged that certain officials of the Electoral office took bribes to enable the Unity Party rig the elections. 

The CDC also claims that there were various poling centres that did not have the right indelible ink. The allegations further go on to say that there were various other malpractices that do not make them accept the results.The CDC has consequently taken the matter to the highest court of the land. 
Supporters of the CDC took to the streets protesting and insisting that if their candidate is not declared the winner there was not going to be peace. In spite of the calls by Oppon Weah for calm there were a few casualties over the weekend. The 15000 UN troops were called to duty to ensure that there was calm in the capital

In a reaction, the Public Relations Director of the Liberia Electoral Commission, Mr. Livingston has disclosed that the Commission has instituted investigations into the allegations of fraud and bribery by Weah's party, Congress For Democratic Change (CDC). 
He emphatically made it known that the commission will start its investigation on Wednesday. He further stated that the court case would not affect the commission's release of the final results.
On when they will come out with the final results, Mr. Livingston said constitutionally they have to come out with the final results by the 23rd of November. 
The Electoral commission, at the time of going to press had counted over 90% of the total votes cast. 
Mrs Johnson Sirleaf's Union Party has claimed victory. 


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