Vol No: 83,
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Blue watch

The publishing of a regular, factual, balanced and fair, news paper for the people of Africa in the Diasporas has been of much concern of many people.
There has been the urgent need for a newspaper that would understand and address your aims and aspirations. If there has been the need for a newspaper with the African touch, background and culture it appears to be now.

The AFRICAN ECHO is a bi-weekly community newspaper designed for Africans and Africans in the Diaspora. It targets all Africans of both sexes, age groups, income groups and all educational and social backgrounds. It is a community weekly newspaper targeting African and Africans in the Diaspora. It is incorporated under AFRICAN ECHO LIMITED. 

AFRICAN ECHO is incorporated in Cardiff with company registration number 5212976.

The African Echo targets all Africans of both sexes, all age groups, all income groups and every educational and social background. It is distributed in over hundred locations throughout London and Europe . It is available at major transport centers, employee agencies, churches, hotels and bars that are frequented by Africans and people of African descent.

The weekly has the goal of reaching out to the numerous Africans as well as other groups of people living in the United Kingdom and Europe at large. African echo will seek to provide an insight into topical events taking place in the continent with up to date objective analysis, news, views and information on African and other relevant issues that affect the people of the continent.

Economic, social, religious, educational, political as well as health issues will be the main focus of this weekly. Among other things, the paper would try to bring the people of Africa in the UK together by bringing to you issues from all over the continent. It would not forget the welfare of its readers. Issues affecting our readers would be paramount to the aspirations of this paper. Accommodation, job, travels, social events, funeral cerebrations, where to meet and other would be brought to the knowledge of our readers.

The weekly echoes the achievements and contributions Africans and people of African descent have made in various endeavours of life highlighting the problems and difficulties various people of African descent face and model pieces of advice will be given by experts to help solve such issues.

The African Echo gives you very competitive rates of advertisements to enable you to maximise your turnover. A copy of our advertising rate is available on request online. A form is provided in every edition of the paper that comes out on the newsstands every Friday.

We encourage our readers to subscribe to AFRICAN ECHO. We shall send you your copies through the mail. Subscriptions could also be done online at Subscription. By courtesy of MoneyGram International we are able to send you free copies of the paper within the UK

All you need to do is to subscribe either online or through the subscription form the current edition of The African Echo.

African echo invites you to be part of the publication by sending stories, articles, announcements and advertisements for publication.

Remember when the African news breaks, when the story is told, when the African drums are beaten, when business linkages are made, you can only find the news in the African Echo.
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